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Here are answers to some frequent questions:

  1. What applications can G3D printers support?

There is no quick answer to this question, although our products are designed primarily for Jewellery and Dental applications, in reality, our products have been used in a vast array of applications. Our 3D Printers have been used to build small parts for engineering projects, model pieces of architecture, turbo wheels and gearbox parts, even produce very sophisticated nozzles for fire extinguishers. We are working daily on increasing our repository of resin materials to allow our customers to further explore the endless capabilities of 3D printing.

  1. How do I compare G3D printers with 3D printers from other manufacturers?

Firstly, we would suggest that to compare machine specifications alone is not the best course of action. Let’s start by asking what’s the end product that you want to create, and what is it made of? If you want to cast your model into a metal alloy for Jewellery, Dental or other purposes, then the comparison is somewhat simple. You can safely choose G3D on the basis that no other company in the world can create the machine, the resin and the casting plaster all to match each other and work together perfectly. If you want to create plastic, resin or ceramic models, then you can compare the machines on the basis of resolution XY, resolution Z, Build Area/Volume, Build Speed, Consumable cost and Machine Cost. We have collated some information to help you with this comparison:

Comparison FeatureG3D RP-100DWS 028JRapidshape S60 MidiPerfactory 4 Mini XL
Printable Area cm256425044
Slice Thickness10um10um25um15um
Maximum Height100mm90mm110mm100mm
Max Print Speed/hr (at 30um)8mm3mm6mm7mm
Lamp SourceLEDLaserLEDDLP
Lamp Lifetime (Hours)20,00010,0002,000500
Density of Build SupportsVery LowMediumMediumHigh
VAT Lifetime (number of builds)2006080100
UV Curing Unit IncludedYesNoNoNo
Comparison FeatureG3D RP-250DWS 029J+Rapidshape S90 L
Printable Area cm2175225207
Slice Thickness10um10um25um
Maximum Height200mm200mm155mm
Max Print Speed/hr (at 30um)8mm3mm6mm
Lamp SourceLEDLaserLED
Lamp Lifetime (Hours)20,00010,00030,000
Density of Build SupportsVery LowMediumMedium
VAT Lifetime (number of builds)1006080
UV Curing Unit IncludedYesNoNo
  1. What is the warranty provided with G3D products?

All G3D machines have a minimum 12 month warranty, G3D resin products carry a 6 month warranty.

  1. Where can I see a G3D machine?

G3D have demonstration machines in over 20 locations around the world. In addition, you will find us at more than 15 exhibitions each year. Please contact us and let us know your location, we will be sure to advise you of the best opportunity to examine our machines.

  1. This all sounds like salesman blarney, are G3D really different from the rest?

Yes we are, we invite you need to come and meet our people, see our facilities and make up your own mind.

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